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About JungElder


Having lectured in the classroom, having written the books required, and finding that my work as an analyst is winding down, I am seeking this new way to express the importance of religion and psychology. It is my contribution to culture. Each person must do that, find the one contribution that “explains” why he or she is here. Otherwise, we are just animals or plants, contributing to biology but not to the life of culture (i.e., the “life of the mind”) that marks us as human.

Since books at the front edge of our culture often go unnoticed, I will bring them to attention here. The writings of C. G. Jung, the most important psychologist of our time, and the writings of his closest European followers such as Marie-Louise von Franz do not need my help. But not enough attention is being paid to the works of Edward F. Edinger, America’s foremost Jungian analyst. I will redress that here. And I will remind the visitor of other important American Jungians— Esther Harding, Eleanor Bertine, and a few others—when, in our morning’s reflection, we need a few paragraphs to stay in touch with ourselves.

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